About Children’s Resources on Wheels

Children’s Resources on Wheels is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening child care, family life, child development and community links in Lanark County. We currently provide Lanark families with two main streams of service: EarlyON Child and Family Centre and Licensed Home Child Care.

Program Statement

CROW is committed to supporting the goal of the Child Care and Early Years Act in building a child care and early years system that better supports parents and gives children the best possible start in life. We are committed to ensuring that the provisions set out in the Act will strengthen compliance, health and safety in our child care settings as well as help parents make informed choices about their options. The individual needs of the child are to be considered at all times throughout the day.  

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Vision Statement

We believe that Children’s Resources on Wheels is an organization where:

Children are free to engage in play with a sense of belonging, curiosity and wonder which promotes their growth and development and stimulates their creativity and expression.

Families’ voices are heard, supported and respected in an atmosphere of trust and belonging.

Communities have access to high quality early learning environments that are inviting, friendly and inclusive.

Child care providers are supported, respected, and encouraged to build positive, caring, and responsive relationships with each child and family.

Staff are heard, supported and respected, allowing them to share and express their ideas, knowledge and expertise in order to build collaborative relationships.

Guiding Principles

We believe:

  • In the promotion of healthy families and optimum early childhood development
  • In the value of education and training opportunities for families and caregivers
  • That quality child care promotes healthy growth and development of children
  • That families and caregivers need to be recognized and supported
  • That play enriches children’s lives
  • That people who work with families need to work together to strengthen families and communities
  • That programs and services for families should be open to everyone
  • That programs and services need to reflect community needs

Our History




CROW has a long history of working with the community at all levels of the organization. CROW has shown itself to be an adaptable organization with an ability to quickly respond to new opportunities.

  • 1987: CROW has its humble beginnings in North Lanark County (Middleville), offering family resource programming in rural communities North of Perth with our Bus.
  • 1990: We expanded the resource services to the entire county and also moved to Lanark Village.
  • 1994: Licensed Home Child Care was added to the programs and services offered by CROW.
  • 2002: The CROW resource program was selected, in Lanark County, as the new Ontario Early Years Centre.
     Two additional programs, Early Literacy Specialist and Data Analysis Coordinator, were added to the CROW umbrella. The organization moved to Smiths Falls.
  • 2007: Licensed Group Childcare, KinderCare, was set up as a pilot project, under the Best Start Initiative, in Lanark Village.
  • 2014:  Ministry of Education became the funder.
  • 2014:  Ministry of Education rolled out How Does Learning Happen Initiative for Early Years programs including Kindergarten, Child Care and other Early Learning Programs including Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs)
  • 2018:  Funding shift to the County of Lanark from the Ministry of Education
  • 2018:  Transition Year for Ontario Early Years Centre to EarlyON Child & Family Centre
  • 2018:  Early Literacy services and Data Analysis services moved to the County of Lanark.
  • 2019:  Expanded playgroup schedule to run year round and added Saturday playgroups.

Children's Resources on Wheels
EarlyON Child & Family Centre

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