Featured Resources

  • Can you spoil a baby?

    Check out what Dr. Jean Clinton has to say about this.  An excellent video.

  • Connection is Key with Dr. Jean Clinton

    An excellent video with Dr. Jean Clinton.  Connection is key!

    Relationships build brains!  

  • Connections – a community partner

    Birth Companion, Good Food for a Healthy Baby, Home Visiting and Parent & Children’s Groups.
    Help parents improve their capacity to raise healthy children.
    Increase the participation of vulnerable families in the community
    Promote partnerships and collaboration among service providers to improve access and quality of service to vulnerable families

    To learn more about Connections, check out this video!

  • Benefits of Support – CROW & Connections

    A video showing the benefits of support.  This video was made in partnership by Children’s Resources on Wheels and Connections.  Check out the video!

  • What is Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW)?

    To learn more about Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW) take a look at this video.

  • A Video Highlighting Parent Education at CROW and Connections

    CROW partners with Connection to talk about parent education.  To learn more take a look at this video

  • What are social-emotional skills?

    A video with guest speaker,  Dr. Stuart Shanker, famous for his work on self-regulation, and director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York university.   The discussion explored the following three questions:
    1. What do social-emotional skills mean to you?
    2. What would you accept as evidence that schools are effectively developing social-emotional skills? How would students demonstrate the development of their social-emotional skills?
    3. What are the pros and cons of setting goals for our schools in the area of social-emotional skills, and finding ways to measure progress toward those goals?
    Click here for full screen

  • Kids Have Stress Too

    Stress is a normal part of everyday life for children and adults. It helps to motivate us and adds a positive challenge to life. However, too much stress can be counter-productive and overwhelming.
    Click here to view in full screen

  • Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

    kindergardenLearning to play and playing to learn is a parent resource. It is based on the research of what, how, and when your child learns. This booklet is filled with:

    • up-to-date information
    • helpful tips
    • checklists
    • links to other resources

    All this helps your child to grow and develop in
    the best way so that he becomes ready for school.
    Download the Booklet

  • Parents Matter


    The parent-child relationship is the most powerful influence on children’s development. To do the best possible job, parents need tools and support. The Parents Matter site offers you:

    • Resources for Parents
    • Multilingual Resource Sheets on their new “Welcome Here” site
    • Resources for Facilitators who work with parents
    • Links to parenting sites, research sites and materials for parent education
    • A directory of family resource programs to help you find support in your own community