Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Child Care  Providers

What is CROW?

Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening child care, family life, child development, and community links in Lanark County.  We currently provide families with two main streams of service:  Licensed Home Child Care and the EarlyON Child and Family Centre.

What is CROW Licensed Home Child Care?

The Ministry of Education licenses private-home day care agencies like CROW.  These agencies then contract individual caregivers (providers) who offer child care out of their home.  These providers may care for up to six children (including their own under age of 6) from the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years as set out by the Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014.  For more information please call 613-283-0095 (toll free 1-800-267-9252) extension 306.

What are the benefits of being a CROW provider?

  • I will receive continual support from the CROW Home Visitor
  • I will get help with menu planning and ideas for activities (i.e. songs, games, crafts)
  • I can borrow equipment such as double strollers, playpens, gates, high chairs, baby monitors, etc.
  • I can choose my work hours and the days I want to work
  • The families I provide care for pay CROW, so I always get paid for my work
  • I can participate in ongoing professional education and networking events
  • I will be self-employed and can claim business expenses on my income tax
  • CROW has access to government grants to supplement provider income

Can I pick my own hours for providing child care?

All of the providers who contract their serves to CROW are self-employed and therefore choose their own hours and programming styles.

How do I get paid?  Do I have to collect parent fees?

CROW collects the fees from parents.  The provider submits an invoice to CROW for services rendered so that parents can be billed.  Providers are reimbursed by direct deposit every two weeks.

How do I find children to care for?

The Home Visitor arranges visits with parents in your community.  We attempt to match families and providers based on suitability to one another.

What does a Home Visitor do?

Child care providers are screened (approved), monitored and supported by people called “home visitors”.  Home visitors have training in early childhood education, child development, and/or family studies.  They check that the home is safe for children according to child behaviour management, nutrition, health and sanitary practices.

How often does a Home Visitor visit the provider’s home?

The Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014 requires a home visitor to visit once every three months.  CROW strives to visit every month.

What kind of set up and/or programming do I have to offer?

All of the providers follow the Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014 according to rules and regulations.  The providers personalize their program with regards to activities, variety of toys, field trips, walks, and daily schedule.  The Home Visitor visits the provider’s homes regularly to ensure their home is kept up to code.

Does the provider supply food?

In a typical day, the provider will serve a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack, following recommendations of the Canada Food Guide.  All menus must be posted.  In case of special diet/allergies parents need to supply their own food.  Food and milk (bottles) for infants are supplied by the parents.

What if I have a concern about a child in my care?

We strongly encourage communication between the parent and provider.  However, under certain circumstances, the Home Visitor should be called to help intervene.

Do I receive any training and support from CROW?

You will receive training from the Home Visitor during visits and you can participate in child care networking and training events, workshops and meetings.

Can I provide care to children that are not placed in my home by CROW?

You may also care for children privately, however, the total number (including age ratios) of children in care in your home must meet the regulations as set out in the Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014 related to Licensed Home Child Care.

Do I have to provide transportation?

It is the responsibility of the parent to drop-off and pick-up their child.  School-age children either walk or take the school bus.  Some providers offer field trips during the day; they use their own vehicle.  The providers are only allowed to transport children if they have car seats and the parent’s permission.

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