Let’s Talk Feelings Board Game

Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW), EarlyON Child and Family Centre, The Perth and District Community Foundation in partnership with Iris the  is pleased to announce the test release  “Let’s Talk Feelings,”  a cooperative board game for children, aged 4-6, and caregivers trying to cope with pandemic related stressors in their lives. Using a “day in the life” story approach, children journey through a typical day while being exposed to different scenarios that may occur. These scenarios explore a variety of stressors that children may experience during the pandemic, upon which children can assess and apply different coping strategies.

Let’s Talk Feelings is additionally meant to bridge the gap between caregiver and child conversations. Through gameplay, caregivers are able to become aware of certain stresses children may be facing and collaborate with them to employ solutions outside of the game to address those feelings.

Let’s Talk Feelings is free to download, please see Iris the Dragon website for details.

Link to Survey  http://bit.ly/boardgame-survey

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