Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW)

Our History
1987 The Start of CROW
The Start of CROW

CROW has its humble beginnings in North Lanark County (Middleville), offering family resource programming in rural communities North of Perth with our Bus.

1990 Expansion

We expanded the resource services to the entire county and also moved to Lanark Village.

1994 Licensed Home Child Care
Licensed Home Child Care

Licensed Home Child Care was added to the programs and services offered by CROW.

2002 Ontario Early Years Centre
Ontario Early Years Centre

The CROW resource program was selected, in Lanark County, as the new Ontario Early Years Centre.  Two additional programs, Early Literacy Specialist and Data Analysis Coordinator, were added to the CROW umbrella. The organization moved to Smiths Falls.

2007 KinderCare

Licensed Group Childcare, KinderCare, was set up as a pilot project, under the Best Start Initiative, in Lanark Village.

2014 Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education became the funder.

2014 "How Does Learning Happen" Initiative
"How Does Learning Happen" Initiative

Ministry of Education rolled out How Does Learning Happen Initiative for Early Years programs including Kindergarten, Child Care and other Early Learning Programs including Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs)

2018 Funding Shift
Funding Shift

Funding shift to the County of Lanark from the Ministry of Education.

2018 Transition Year
Transition Year

Transition Year for Ontario Early Years Centre to EarlyON Child & Family Centre.

2018 Services Moved
Services Moved

Early Literacy services and Data Analysis services moved to the County of Lanark.

2019 Expanded Playgroup Schedule
Expanded Playgroup Schedule

Expanded playgroup schedule to run year round and added Saturday playgroups.