Our journey through COVID-19

Mom of 9 year old boy, 4.5 year old girl, 16 month old girl from Almonte, Ontario

If you could sum your January up in one word, what would it be and why?

This is a tough one because unlike most people, I had a very positive year. But I will say Growth. We as a family learned how to grow together, we learned how to give one another space when the world felt heavy.

What has been your biggest struggle during COVID so far?

The loss of milestones. Not getting to have a party for our daughters first birthday. My middle daughter not experiencing her first day of school like most kids. My son missing out on sports.

What has been your biggest success/positive takeaway so far?

We have learned as a family how to spend quality time with one another and get outdoors more often.

What is something new you have implemented or tried with your child that has worked in a positive way/or that you have learned something from?

Gratitude journaling as well as affirmations. There were a lot of big emotions over the last year, and we decided as a family to learn how to react and overcome them.

Share a piece of advice for others during this crazy time.

We will never get this time back. There were days when we would have begged to spend this much time with our families, and now we have it.

Interviewed by Katie Hammill, RECE, Facilitator Support, EarlyON Child & Family Centre/Children’s Resources on Wheels